Modern Curb Appeal

Realtors have long known that a house sells for less when it doesn't look appealing as the prospective buyers approach it. Many have taken the time to help sellers improve the look of their home. It increases the chance for a quick sale at or above the listing price. This benefits the seller as well as the real estate agent. It also benefits the buyer that will be living in their new home. Updating front yard features is now in the public eye and will be there for many years to come.

Improving the appeal of a home generally begins with the driveway. Cracked, chipped or stained does not contribute to the overall look of a property. Savvy home sellers will take the time to fix these issues before listing. Updating an old driveway improves the look of a home. It ensures buyers they are getting a driveway that is up to code.

Many communities have instituted run-off statutes. These affect home buyers as they must eventually be brought into modern zoning requirements. Using a porous paving option such as concrete will make the home look great and allow water to seep into the ground. Homeowners that want a more natural look might opt for permeable paving on top of a bed of silica sand. Pavers have gaps between them to allow grass to grow. The silica sand will keep the pavers in place while allowing the water to pass into the soil below. Both of these options keep rain from running into neighborhood gutters.

The driveway is generally one of the largest landscaping features in front of any home. Updating it to modern code translates into one more selling point for buyers. Modern pavers, concrete stamps and stains have turned updating the drive from a burden to an exploration in design and added beauty.