A Backyard Oasis

Decks, patios and seating areas have long been popular in the yard behind the house. Modern homeowners have discovered the value in having a place to wind down at the end of the day. They also see an easy way to expand their living area on a budget. Many back yards have now become the best part of the home today. They are filled with conveniences and a variety of tools to help people relax and enjoy life.

Fire pits have gained in popularity. These are small areas where wood or gas is burned. Gathering to watch a fire in the evening has always been relaxing. Those that live near the center of the city or suburbia have found modern fire pits enhance their lives. They are easy to use and maintain. Whether they burn gas or wood, each one is designed to contain the fire safely for worry-free enjoyment.

Pergolas to keep the heat off without blocking the sky are trending these days. Patios are out in the open. Using these spaces during hot weather was often uncomfortable. The ancient answer was to build a frame and plant grapes or other shade plants to grow on it. Modern homeowners do not always have the time to take care of plants. Pergolas fill their need for partial shade with a heavy wooden structure. Comfortable seating in the shade is a welcome respite after a long commute.

Outdoor cooking has long been a great way to entertain family and friends. Modern outdoor designers have turned this into an art in many yards. The wood briquette grill is no longer the only cooking surface in the yard. Many people now have gas grills with side burners. Some have even built brick ovens. Running water, small fridges and ample prep and seating complete the modern outdoor kitchen.